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Christina Rosso

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Certified Yoga Instructor

Christina Rosso is a Yoga Instructor and Alignment Specialist, Holistic Nutritional Consultant and Bio Energetic Practitioner. She has been traveling and teaching yoga around the world for the last 4 years and now resides in Toronto, Canada.
Christina’s style of teaching is gentle, yet effective. She provides in-depth instruction and guidance through each yoga posture. Through her teaching, her students learn to stay present and focused. This provides her students with the ability to build a greater awareness and control of their breathing and body positioning, which can translate into their lives off the mat. Christina brings positivity, encouragement and compassion into each class. She does not believe in forcing the body into a pose. Instead, she will look for ways to modify a posture
based on her students’ abilities.
After completing her Yoga Teacher Training in India, she became passionate about
spreading awareness of proper alignment in yoga in order to minimize yoga injuries and maximize posture benefits. Christina further completed specialized training in Yin Yoga with Master Teacher, Bernie Clark. This training opened her eyes to the anatomical differences of
individuals and gave her all of the necessary tools to modify postures to suit an individuals’ direct needs.
In 2017, she founded Instagram’s@yogaalignment and @yogaalignmentgirl where she creates, curates and shares tutorials relating to yoga postures and positioning. This passion
project has turned gone global with over 495,000 followers. She is also a writer/contributor
for and has appeared on Breakfast Television and in Tonic Magazine.
Christina’s knowledge base and attention to detail has given her the ability to help over half a million yogis and yoga enthusiasts on social media to modify and significantly improve their
own yoga practices. By creating, curating and sharing informative and useful yoga-specific
tutorials, she has been able to teach and share her knowledge with individuals all over the world.
Her goal is to inspire the world to start their own yoga journey and to properly educate those
who have already begun. She is trained in all styles of yoga but specializes in Hatha/Gentle Yoga and Yin Yoga. Christina understands that the foundation of health begins with homeostasis and energetic balance of the mind, body and spirit. This is achieved through exercise, stress management techniques, proper nutrition and lifestyle choices. She believes that with proper guidance, we can all achieve optimal health.

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