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Carlos Mirabal

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Pitching Coach

In 2019 I ended the baseball season as the pitching coach in Japan for the Tokushima Indigo
Socks in the Shikoku Island League winning the league championship and the grand
championship over the BCL League.
In 2018 I was the Head Coach of the Cologne Cardinals in Germany’s top baseball league. I
developed the young talented team to improve levels of production from the previous season. All
while winning more games than previous season.
In 2016 as pitching / bench coach for the Rockland Boulders in the Can Am Independent Minor
Leagues I introduced the use of sabermetrics to the organization and got my #1 and #2 starting
pitchers signed into the Arizona DiamondBacks organization. I pride myself on developing
young talented ball players and want to further my professional baseball coaching career. The
game of baseball has changed over the years with sabermetrics at the forefront. The use of
technology has played a big role in the collection of live game data for teams to use in their
player evaluation reports. I want to continue in professional baseball as a coach. I have great
knowledge while using Rapsodo, Trackman and various other technologies used in baseball
today during my years of developing players.

During my playing days (up until 2019) I played at the professional level in the Puerto Rican, Japanese and Taiwanese Leagues as well as the Can-Am League and in the Houston Astros and New York Yankees Minor League Organizations.

I currently hold the position of Director of the Confederation of Professional Baseball and Softball Clubs in India.

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